Leading Filter Brands

Clean air, oil and fuel are critical to heavy duty diesel engine performance. We carry in stock the leading heavy duty filter brands offering proven technology to protect your Heavy Duty Filters Glasgowequipment whether working with on road or off road applications. With the many air, fuel, lube and coolant filter choices on the market, it is more important than ever to select a brand you can depend on to maintain your vehicles and equipment to the highest standards of performance and protection. With Baldwin, Fleetguard and Mann heavy duty filters you are assured of reliable performance and maximum protection for the life of your engine.

Air Filters

Proper air filtration is critical because a small amount of dirt can cause a tremendous amount of engine damage. Top quality air filters will help prolong system life by keeping damaging airborne contaminants away from sensitive engine components.

Oil Filters

Clean oil is vital to engine performance – dirty oil can cause catastrophic damage to your engine. By using the correct oil filter for your engine you can minimise the possibility of costly down time and repairs. Contact us for more information on our high quality OEM replacement oil filters.

Diesel Fuel Filters & Water Separators

Clean fuel like clean air is critical to engine performance. Today, even with the development of cleaner-burning diesel, contaminants and moisture are still a major concern when it comes to their impact on high pressure fuel injector systems. Our range of fuel filters and water separators from Baldwin, Fleetguard and Mann protect sensitive fuel system components, such as injection pumps and common rail injectors, from damaging contaminants and water.


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